Bedlam Hoops: Despite New Faces, Boynton Says Emphasis on Bedlam Will 'Still Be Great'

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‘It’s a big deal, and it will be made that way to our team.’

We can only hope and pray that this is the last Bedlam that Boynton is ever involved with.

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Boynton needs to be canned no doubt but the guy is pretty ■■■■ good at beating OU.

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Very interesting you say he has been dang good at beating OU. This coach as he stated in this article and many other times befor bedlam games has talked about the importance of this game to his players and to the state and also has stated this is not just another game many many times and this guy has a good record of beating Ou. You have another head coach that is on record over and over talking about bedlam to his players that this just another game on the schedule and they treat it as just another game and he has a very poor record of betting Ou.

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You can’t help yourself can you, moron?

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How come the media (like this website and others) are not asking more questions to the athletic directors past and present about this dumpster fire?

Yeah Boynton is in over his head. But Mike Holder hired him. Why isn’t Marshall calling him for an interview about all the contract mistakes he made while AD, the sanctions etc.? Why isn’t anyone asking Chad Weiberg if anything is being done or if he even cares at all.

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I guess that is asking too much for journalist around Oklahoma State to step out of line. Continue being cheerleaders for this administration and your dead last team.

They do ask Gundy :grin:

Why did I watch this garbage?