Bedlam Kick Time Put in Six-Day Window

Originally published at: Bedlam Kick Time Put in Six-Day Window - Pistols Firing

We’ll have to wait a little longer on the Bedlam kick time.

For me, the final Bedlam game (for now) should be an evening game, but TV will probably dictate something else. We’ll find out soon enough.



They’re waiting to see what happens this weekend before giving a kick time. I imagine if both teams (or maybe just OSU) win this upcoming weekend it’s going to be an evening game between two top 25 teams.


KU is gonna beat OU. Then we will. Then BYU will.


Give ou another noon game they say they love them lol

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I doubt it, but it would be nice.


Yeah I would have to agree. When it comes to Bedlam, OSU hopes to win. OU expects to win. It’s nothing new.

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Yep, 11am KU vs OU would be perfect just to piss them off. I think KU wins. Then Prime time 6pm/7pm for Bedlam! Let’s get the Boonedock rocking for the final chapter. Gundy has done a tremendous job of turning things around from the non-conference. Dickey has the right 5 guys at o-line, and has been much better. Plus, o-line is healthy which always helps. Dunn playcalling much improved also. Nardo with the defense needs to make certain adjustments quicker. They are forcing turnovers now, which is a change from earlier.

This is turning out to be a better season than I predicted. I was very wrong on W’s and L’s. Im happy to admit it too.


Yea we went passed your 4 wins.

Couple of line been hurt. Not sure about brooks if he will be ready.

Wonder if we both win and it’s a top 25 matchup if game day shows up?

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Making excuses already? At 5-2?

Depends on who’s slotted that weekend. If there’s a ranked SEC or Big 10 match I doubt it.

I dnt say you a smart for your situation. I said facts. You can crumble it up into a spit wad and see if it stick.

Don’t try to be smart. You did the same exact thing last season. We all know which direction you’re trying to go with this.

Bill you have serious issues. How many times did your mom drop you.
What is the biggest things talked about after a game, who got hurt. Why do the tell an injury report. We have a couple of guys out so for a few more out for some time. Its important. You think everyone at texas is happy ewers is hurt, or do they say next made up. Hows tcu and tech doing.
Last year was well beyond a guy was out oh well. Get over it.

Not as many times as you. Keep up the stupidity though. Makes for some great content.

Actually it doesnt, your replies are jr high ones.

Junior high? Junior high is disappearing for a month. I can say it was nice not hearing your ignorant remarks on here for a change.

There could essentially be bedlam 2X this year. They could clash again in DFW.

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