Bedlam Predictions: Gaming Out How OSU-OU Unfolds, Breakout Stars and More

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OSU is an underdog, and our staff has mixed feelings about what that means.

OU 33 OSU 28.

I always despise picking bedlam. I would normally pick the Sooners here, but after watching them pull defeat out of the jaws of victory last week in Morgantown, I just can’t. The series of mistakes they made to lose was nothing short of epic.
Cowboys 34
Sooners 27


OU 42 OSU 31

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall…(hear “Jan Brady voice”)…can’t believe your ou pick…
It’s a dogfight, but Pokes win 24-17!

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It’s a fight alright. Only one team has any. I’ll ride with The Dog any day of the week. 42-17 Pokes. I’m not backing off of that prediction.


I don’t like it, but I think OU wins this game. If they don’t they’ll be on the verge of not making a bowl game for the first time since 1998. I gotta think Venables and some of those players don’t want that to happen. OU has a better OL and running game than us as well.

I think OU is going to try and control the clock since they know Sanders is playing. They’re good enough to do that as well. OU can’t stop anyone, but they’re also better than us defensively (statistically speaking).

OU 35 OSU 33 (we fail another two point conversion)

I think this game comes down to who plays worse. I watched the ou WVU game on you tube. They played really bad football and got beat by a really bad looking field goal. The problem is we can’t depend on them playing badly nor can they depend on OSU doing the same. Part of me says if ou tries to control the game, the fewer snaps for Sanders the better to keep his shoulder from giving out. OSU wins in the craziest installment of bedlam yet.


For OU, the elite program, bowl eligibility is a kiss from your sister! They feel like the program is above it and while I do think that they want to win every game, getting bowl eligible is not a big incentive. In fact, most Sooners feel that the Texas Bowl or the like, is a slap in their crimson faces.

The practicality of bowl participation our Cowboys know so very well. The additional practices can be of great value before spring training starts. A bowl win can be a huge positive to salvage confidence after a tough season.

I do want our Sooner brethren to get bowl eligible and reap the benefits for the in-state program!! …next week, not this one.

Pokes - 44
LandGrabbers - 19

GO POKES!!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

(Is anyone else watching the lil blonde woman who looks adorable like a kitten, but coaches ferociously like a tigress, in our women’s :basketball: 4-0 start???)


5 and 0 arent they? They are rolling

And no bowl for uo is even better

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I watched them play Mo State on espn3 last night. I think 5-0 includes the exhibition game.


Ok, but if they had pride or grit, wouldn’t they have played better all season? What makes you think they can turn it on for a bowl?

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I don’t know. One would think a program that prides itself on winning championships and getting to the CFP would care more about going 7-6 or 8-5 than not making a bowl game at all :man_shrugging:. It’s a really bad look going 5-7 and telling people you’re ready to take on the SEC (Just ask Texas).

Outside of TCU almost every team in this conference has pretty much shown they could beat up on each other. I didn’t say that OSU couldn’t win or anything. They’re definitely capable of it. I do think Gundy has an OU problem though. He’s never beaten OU in back-to-back seasons. Even times when we’ve had better teams. I don’t think it has anything to do with pride and grit to be quite honest. I just think they’re going through a lot of changes player and personnel wise with a first year HC that hasn’t really figured it out yet. Something Gundy went through in his first season at OSU. Sure he was a great OC, but he’ll also tell you he didn’t know what he was doing his first year as a HC.

We rank dead last in the conference on defense, and we’ve had sustained injuries all year long preventing us from really having a consistent rhythm offensively since the beginning of the second half of that TCU game. I just feel like they’ll be more prepared for this game than we will be. Hopefully I’m wrong and we win by four touchdowns in Norman.

That’s what I mean. We’ll embarrass ourselves against West Virginia, but we’re true champions, so we will definitely get bowl eligible this week! Not saying we’ll win. I just don’t buy the pride argument as it’s been absent all year.