Bedlam Primer: The OSU Players That Will Define This Season's Matchup

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The players who could make or break this year’s Bedlam.

Offensive player has gotta be sanders. He’s needs to be a downfield threat so they ease off warren a bit so he can do his thing. If the passes aren’t connecting they’re gonna load the box. They’re gonna force us to beat them through the air.

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100% agree with Kyle Cox’s picks.

Especially agree with the OL being a key. Matt Campbell said the Sooners have best DL in the conference. We must be able to move the chains and OL is the key for the Pokes.


The defining player on Special Teams will be Tom Hutton. He’s got to make sure he pins OU deep so that way our offense only has to go 50-60 yards for a score instead of 80-85 yards when the defense gets a stop.

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Defense - I watched OU’s game with Iowa State last week. It isn’t just Caleb Williams. OU was killing them with running. So OSU needs to stuff the run and get pressure on Caleb. Rattle him early, I think OSU has a good chance to create some turnovers.
Offense needs to figure out early what OU will give them. Pull some trick plays, esp misdirection stuff. Get the ground game grinding, use the RPO. Limit mistakes & penalties.