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14-3 looks like we can compete in everything except football.

We got to give them something. Got bedlam tonite in baseball

Give em something?! F—- THAT!!! They are our in-State rival who EMBARRASSES us in the one sport you want to just “give em.” Every chance they get, they crush us in football. Not to mention the number of NCAA violations and player arrests that get “handled internally” in Norman. Not to mention they are named for a group of people who STOLE territory. Heck, they’re proud of it. Thus the website “” I hope we beat the ever-loving s—t out of them in every contest known to man, woman, or child!!! I hate that mentality, dude. “Give em something…” smdh

That was sarcasm to ar0. I’m suprised u find this article. I enjoy every bedlam win.
U do know what sarcasm is.

Gotcha. I know sarcasm but it’s easier to detect in-person, not always on a screen. Bedlam wins are gold, man!


If I’m agree with ar0 and Joe its straight ess sarcasm.