Believe it or Not: OSU Has Something in Backup RB and QB

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Introducing a new weekly column recapping the week’s game.

I can’t remember how many of the Tulsa sacks were of Bullock, but there is no question he was slow. He had ample time on at least a couple of occasions to get a throw off, but held on way too long – which resulted in the sack.

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This is what I was thinking. They weren’t a great unit but there were plenty of times that bullock had time but didn’t do anything. Also as soon at Tulsa saw he wasn’t throwing good they loaded up the box because they knew we were going to run it the whole time.

Tulsa was often putting 8 in the box when Bullock was in the game, begging him to pass. Just wasn’t able to take advantage of it. WR were in single coverage a great deal of the time until Illingworth came in and started spreading it deep, forcing Tulsa to start putting coverage over the top as well

A bad QB can make the OL look worse than it actually is. Now the OL is not great but ok if the QB is any good. As soon as Shane came on, the OL issues seemed to have disappeared. Kind of a repeat of 2014 but thankfully, Gundy made the change after 3 quarters of absolute pain rather than 7 games or whatever it was back in 2014.

Made it easier this time around since he didn’t have to worry about burning the scholarship

Thinking the same thing. Bullock caused at least 3 or more of those by holding onto the ball then when he got out of the pocket he just ran out of bounds instead of throwing it away which counted as sacks. The line still looked bad but the sack number was inflated by a few for sure

Even when Bullock did throw the ball on one occasion in the first half, all of the OSU receivers on the right (north) side of the field that I saw, at least two of them were turned around facing him and open. However, the ball he threw went about midway between them and landed on the ground. And he’d had a little time at least. The speed of the game was just too much for him. The interception he threw was also, it seemed, on him. He threw it on the defender side of Tylan Wallace when he should have thrown it on the Tylan side where Wallace would have the only opportunity to get it or at least the defender wouldn’t have had the same opportunity. They don’t make the change after that, OSU most likely loses the game. Things didn’t seem likely to get better. He was just slow. That’s probably why they didn’t want to pass much? They were probably hoping they could run well enough to get by with a spot passing game? Makes you wonder if even the 5-11 4th string walk-on QB might’ve been better if it had come to that? I don’t know. Whatever else, he might’ve been able to make quicker more efficient decisions.

Eerily similar to the 2009 game with Colorado when Weeden replaced Cate and sparked the team to victory. We could have the next “Brandon Weeden” waiting in the wings.
L D Brown looked like he established himself as RB2 and a nice change of pace to Chuba.
I thought we recruited plenty of OL prospects the past 2 years. How about trying a couple of those on the OL. Surely, couldn’t be any worse than what we saw Saturday.