Big 12 Announces It Has Commitment From League Members to Stay Together

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The remaining eight are committed (for now) in moving forward together.

An expected announcement.

This is a series of chess moves. 0-u and Texass tried to checkmate the other 8 teams but the Exasperated 8 have blocked them for now stalling for that big payoff. Plus if the 12 team playoff happens, the playoff will have to take one team from each power 5 so that’s a better chance of getting into playoff rather than joining another conference weighted down by more numbers even though the SEC will get at least 2 teams in each year probably campaign for 3 or 4 teams to everyone else’s 1. I hate this power play crap!

I see this statement of solidarity as a move to offset the concerns that the league will fold. The statement was made to assure future schools interested in joining the Big 12 that there will be a Big 12 in the near future. So come on down Cincinnati, Memphis, Houston, and UFC. I would make any team wanting to join the Big 12 agree to immediately add a wrestling program to their school.

Agreed, this was just to assure expansion candidates that everyone’s not about to leave.

I just don’t understand the desire for the Big 12 to stay alive only to be relegated to “Rodney Dangerfield” levels of no respect. Let’s face it: There is no conceivable scenario where the Big 12 can make up ground on the other Power 5 conferences through expansion. There is no magical set of teams which can be added. None of the options really hype me up, aside from BYU. To expand in such a way as to gain attention and TV money/market shares would seem to require poaching from an equal conference (The Arizona Schools from Pac 12) as opposed to picking off Cincy, Colorado State, Memphis, or any other options in lesser conferences (the AAC). Can someone explain to me why aside from money, we continue to perform this charade.

I see your point, but if we don’t expand, we’ll become the next Big East. Do you remember that “Power” conference? Yes, not too long ago, there were six power conferences. The ACC raided the Big East and the Big East wasn’t big enough to survive. Do you remember that Kansas song, Dust in the Wind? That’s us. All we are is dust in the wind.

Now, if the ACC invites WVU, or the B1G invites ISU and Kansas (both AAU members), the Big 12 collapses and we’re joining the MWC or AAC, notwithstanding how great our athletic programs are.

If the other power conferences don’t expand your exactly right there’s no scenario where any of these 8 schools or the conference has the same power it possessed before. But if our only option is expanding the Big 12 or joining a group of 5 then I think expanding the Big 12 is the best option. No we won’t have the respect as before but we could become the “best of the rest” at this point I think that’s the best option left.

excellent news…