Big 12 Announces Scheduling Matrix for 16-Team League Starting in 2024

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OSU will make trips to Provo, Boulder, Waco and Fort Worth in 2024.

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Can’t say I am overly impressed with this. Not having Farmageddon protected is stupid. Thought they would’ve done better than this.

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You can’t do this type of schedule with 2 protected rivalries. You’d have to end up with a Pod system, and whichever pods didn’t include access to Texas would be out the door the first chance they got. So KSU got a protected rivalry with KU but not ISU, which I understand. The thing I was most surprised by is that they didn’t give every school 1 protected rival. UH-Cinci was a rivalry in CUSA. OSU-Tech; ASU-AU, CU-ISU (border states), Baylor-TCU, BYU-Utah, and then WVU-CFU, which isn’t an existing rival, but are a logical regional pairing. You could potentially flip UH-Cinci and WVU-CFU with UH-CFU and WVU-Cinci, and it would also make sense regionally.


Depends on some dates its pretty nice the first year no looking farther then that.

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Overall, I’m fine with it. Can’t make everyone happy and with the conference getting bigger in terms of members and geography, something had to give.
I do agree that every school should’ve had one protected rival. It could’ve been:
Arizona/Arizona State
Kansas/Kansas State
Oklahoma State/Texas Tech
Colorado/Iowa State
Cincinnati/West Virginia


I throw up in my mouth a little every time someone promotes the idea of Tech as a rivalry. What a weak opponent and lame recruiting opportunity. There is simply no “juice” in playing, or whipping Tech. Meh. We would be much better off with TCU, Baylor or Houston to recruiting the large Texas metros. Even UCF would give some juice to possibly recruiting Florida. To salvage, Houston is likely are best rivalry opportunity unaligned. We could open the season with the tilt in Jerry World every year.

TCU-Baylor is a home run rivalry for those two. They can wine and dine Texas recruits, and eventually move the game to Jerry World. This is a strategic advantage for TCU and BU in both fund raising and recruiting.

Yormark has some work to do to keep from baking in strategic advantages to programs.

I’m still pissed at Holder’s “give away the farm” 8-year deal to Tulsa. Zero juice, zero meaning in that wasted non-conf slot. Anyone know if he was able to swing some big time T-town billionaire donations with the deal?

We might be able to swing a non-conf rivalry with say Arkansas or Missouri. At least it would have a little juiciness.

I’m fine with Tulsa every year since we get one P5. I’d like to get rid of the FCS game we do and replace it with another G5.


I get the advantage of being in Texas but Baylor is the only natural possible rival there after the 2021 title game and with them falling down the last couple years and that game not being as meaningful even that is kind of weak IMO. To me our two best options were K-state and Colorado. Now K-state is going to always have the Kansas rivalry so that leaves with only CU as a real option. There’s some history there going back the old Big 12 and the 2016 bowl game it whenever we played them. Also in the short term as long as Prime is there that would be a fun atmosphere and an easy program to hate.


Super disappointed we don’t play at least 1 team every year. It’ll feel weird to not have a rivalry. I get that the BIG12 is in a tough spot here and can’t really manufacture a rivalry when one doesn’t exist, but by not allowing us to play 1-2 of the same teams every year they are guaranteeing that we won’t have a rival.

Wish they would’ve just picked someone. Even if it was stupid like BYU or UCF.


That’s a lot of juice in one comment. But for real. I agree. Tech is not a rivalry

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Tech is not a rivalry because you can’t just create one out of thin air. It has to develop organically. History, geography, competing against each other for championships–those are the kinds of things that make a rivalry. OSU has none of those with any of the new Big 12 schools. Let’s say that for the next ten years it was OSU and Utah playing against each other in the championship game. Well, then, that’s going to become a rivalry. It may not last as soon as one team drops off because of the distant geography, but it’s going to be pretty intense while it’s going on. This is one of the very bad things about all the conference realignment. Traditions and fun goes away for many teams.

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This just makes me sad. As much as I hated OU and Texas, I did appreciate how much those games meant every year. I looked forward to beating down the Longhorns and the Bedlam game, win or lose. I’m having a tough time getting excited about this. It might just be me but that is how I feel.


I’m excited at the potential of making a 12 team playoff and making sure we don’t have an automatic L on the schedule guaranteed nearly every single year. Don’t know how I feel about the team playing on the road for a month straight though (I’m not really counting Tulsa as a road game). I wish they would’ve made it more along the lines of a two weeks away and two weeks at home.

My biggest worries aren’t really the schedule for the new conference though. I’m looking at that transfer portal and recruiting fiasco that really needs to be fixed and addressed by the NCAA in a heartbeat. That’s probably wishful thinking though.

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Did you attend the “I’m a man, I’m 40!” game? If you did, you’d understand why a lot of us feel like Tech (of all the remaining teams in the Big12) is our most natural rival.

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Not only that but there’s the constant accusation from Tech fans that we “stole” some their traditions and they mockingly refer to us as Xerox U.

The facts as I see them is that we don’t have a real rivalry after this last bedlam game. Thanks to OU and all the powers that be that run college football.


Not at the game, but do remember Jenni “The Village Idiot” Carlson’s hit piece on Bobby Reid’s 5 start Fried Chicken flame out. Game is irrelevant - one lose among many - but slapping down Gaylord Media was the necessity. Kudos to Gundy for getting Okie in state media in line.

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We won that game, btw. But between the ‘stolen’ traditions, bullet vs. the masked rider, “guns up” vs. “Pistols firing”, Tech is the closest thing to a natural rival that’s left in the Big 12. Add in the absolutely wild games that have made up the series since Gundy’s been coach, and its a no brainer. Are they an “OU” level rival? Nope. But of the teams in the Big12 going forward, they are it, and its not particularly close.

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There is benefit to creating non-Regional rivalries to up level OState’s national position.
Personally I think it’s a bit early to “create” an unnecessary rivalry and would rather wait to see if we could spin up something with a strong non-Regional opponent. Don’t get me wrong, I like Tech but they don’t offer us much. If I were Weiberg I would not sign up for this one. Look at UA/ASU or KSU/KU for a tight regional rivalries. Who outside state cares about these match ups? Even in Arizona, we don’t care a lot about this match up.

Top available schools in my estimation would be:

  • Houston - +A recruiting area, C- for national exposure
  • UCF - A recruiting area, B for national exposure but could be developed into an A/A+
  • Cincinnati - B- recruiting area, C- on national exposure but potentially could develop

Tech, ISU, CU are all very weak on national draw.

Top rivalry by far in B12 right now is TCU/Baylor due to media eyeballs and recruiting territory. I can see this game getting moved to Arlington if they build sustainable football programs.

Just my thoughts. I’ll let you know if Yormark and Weiberg call me for advise :slight_smile:

The thing is wewill help everybody we play on tv ratings.