Big 12 Athletic Directors Split Between 12-Game and 10-Game Schedule, per Report

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It looks like there will be nonconference football for the Pokes in some fashion.

Just split the difference and go with 11.

The argument for playing conference only games seems to be that you have one set of Conference mandated procedures that all members of the conference must follow. If you play out of conference games, you introduce another set of procedures that you have no control over.

A middle-ground solution might be to add BYU as the non-conference game for all Big XII teams with the agreement that they abide by the Conference mandated protocols. It allows for a 10th game for all teams & serves as a trial run to add another conference member (if that’s something to be considered for the future).

This idea is contingent on maintaining healthy conditions, which, of course, is still up in the air.


We would have been 1 month from football as of today. And then depression set in