Big 12, Big 16 or Big 20?

With the additions of BYU, Cincinnati, UCF & Houston it appears the Big 12 is back on solid ground, at least for now. It makes more sense to become the Big 16 and at least match the SEC in current numbers. Or, if the rumor of the SEC potentially adding more programs, why not beat them to the numbers, make a bold play and be the first Super Conference of 20 schools. Let’s not wait on the actions of others, this time be the leader of the pack when just two weeks ago the country assumed the Big 12 would crumble. He’ll no, go from crumbles to Leader…by adding 8 more schools now before they disappear to other conferences. The targets include; Boise St. (thank you for hosting last night’s game and going toe-to-toe with Big 12’s Oklahoma State, reward is an invite to join us), Memphis, San Diego St., South Dakota St., Colorado St., Colorado (welcome back), USF and SMU. Do not wait, act first, who needs Oklahoma and Texas, not The Big XX!

I like ur think. But let’s just not add to add.
At least 16.
Byu is a great add just got crown pac12 south champ.
Is the pac 12 just going to fold.
My 4 teams, and not just because of this weekend.
San Diego state , took out Utah.
Fresno state did well against Oregon and finished of ucla.
This gets us in to California. These are real school that could bring in real fans. Not Hollywood tree huggers during a good year.

Memphis took out a real sec team.

Bosie the best g5 program in the nation.

This makes easy pod system. One east one west one old big eight one texas.

I think the plan going forward is to wait and see what the Pac-12’s new TV deal is going to be. If it’s basically the same as the what the new Big 12 will get, then they may try to poach some teams.
If we can poach the Pac-12 then go to 16 by adding Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah.
Pod 1: Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Utah
Pod 2: Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State
Pod 3: Baylor, Houston, TCU, Texas Tech
Pod 4: Cincinnati, Iowa State, UCF, West Virginia
Personally, I doubt this will happen. In that case, I would add Boise State & Memphis and become the Big XIV. You would have East and West divisions with Boise State, BYU, and Oklahoma State joining the four Texas schools in the West. The remaining schools would comprise the East.

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