Big 12 Championship Matchup to Watch: OSU's Run Offense vs. Texas' Run Defense

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Texas has the fourth-best run defense in the country, but OSU has Ollie.

Has there been anything out about Ollie’s ankle? I know headed into the BYU game he was in a boot but not this week. He also seemed better against BYU than he did at Houston.

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Just my opinion but I think Bowman and our secondary are going to be the keys to this game. Everyone knows Ollie is good and they’re going to try and stop that first, so the question then becomes can Bowman beat them enough with his arm while not turning the ball over to make them lighten the box and give Ollie a chance. Defensively our secondary has to limit the big plays and force turnovers.


100% agree. If we go in trying to lean on the run game we’ll get blown out. Bowman has to have a solid game to open up the run. Texas defense is just too talented and can easily shut down the run if the passing game is trash.

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This is the $64,000 question. Gundy stated he doesn’t think Texas has to load the box to stop the run, hence their 5th in the nation rushing defense.
Secondary does present opportunities for Bowman to throw into. He’ll need to play MUCH better than he has the last 3 weeks.
Pressure - hurries, hits, sacks - on Ewers are absolutely critical otherwise their wide outs are likely to run under a lot of deep throws.

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Agree with what everyone has said here. Besides everyone needing to be at the top of their game I think we are going to need win the turnover battle by 2-3 in order to win.

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I think that if we play like we did against OU up to the level of competition and can connect on all the throws to Owens and BP to help open it up for Johnson, then Ollie will have some lanes i believe. As far as our secondary is concerned, we need pressure on the qb and that means unleashing Oliver to do what he is meant to do. Safeties need to not let anything behind them and bring the wood in this one. I watched Sam Mayes podcast with Bobby Reid today. He talked about how they went out and physically whipped them to where without even noticing the other lineman kept stepping back on defense because they were tired and beat up. And on defense receivers didn’t wanna catch and runners were tip toeing because they knew win or lose they weren’t leaving without feeling it. We need that nasty back. Use that Body by Glass the way you are supposed to!

Yeah, OSU’s defense will be critical. OSU gave up way too many big plays during the season - continue to do that and Ewers will eat them alive. OSU didn’t plan well for UCF’s receivers and the result was disaster. Single coverage, our secondary is too young to handle that every down. Can our D-line put pressure on Ewers? Or should we instead play nickle & dime packages, put more guys in coverage and force Texas to run the ball? I’d say put more guys in coverage, but I’m not a DC. Nardo’s adjustments to what Texas tries to do will be critical.

On the offensive side, stop calling screens. The teams know those are coming, they’re well prepared for it, I don’t think we’ve gotten positive yards off a screen since Bedlam. RPO and lots of quick short high-percentage passes is the better way to go.

Pass rush on Ewers every play and beyond stellar (as in best of his life) play from our QB from the very first snap.

OSU will not be able to run the ball effectively on Sat. The score and situation, along with the Texas D will keep him from doing near what hes done. Ill say hes right around 100-110 yds on the ground. This will be a Bowman or Bust game for the Cowboys

EDITED: Just checked and the O/U for Rushing yards for Gordon…103. Vegas feels like I do

There needs to be some legal contact with this as well. We are not going to win if we don’t punch some people in the mouth early and often.

On paper this is probably the correct assessment but I wouldn’t count OG out. He is still capable of some surprises.

Texas doesn’t need to stack the box. They only allow 85 yards rushing per game (4th nationally). They have NFL talent on the front seven.

Unfortunately, we don’t have NFL talent on our OL. I think Ollie can probably get over 100 yards. I just don’t trust Bowman right now. He’s got six interceptions in the last three games, and if the BYU defenders could learn how to catch the football he would’ve thrown at least four interceptions in that game.

Bowman only threw five interceptions through the first nine games of the season. I’m not saying the guy makes bad decisions all the time. The last three games his decision making hasn’t been great.

Not if we’re only rushing three and sending a delayed Blitz. Ewers and Texas are too good for that. We need to go back to rushing four. In order me for a 3-3-5 to work you need some excellent defensive lineman. We don’t have that.

Lets call a spade a spade. It’s really only 4 that were his fault. Still not good but lets stick with the facts when judging.

I’d say it’s also still not good that he kept targeting the BYU players in the first half of the game the other night too.

True but that has nothing to do with my point. Deflecting will get you nowhere

What am I deflecting here?

The subject was getting backfoot’s interception count right. Your last comment had nothing to do with that.