Big 12 Championship Tickets

I preordered big 12 champ tickets with my season tickets. I got an email from seat geek at 1:40am saying Andy Surmal wants to send me some tickets and a button to click saying accept tickets. This seems awfully scammy. Has anyone else gotten an email like this? Did you click the link? Did it work out “legit”?

I didn’t go this route but I think this is how it has worked for other fans. Andy is the head ticket guy for OSU so I’d think you’re fine to click it.

oh wow I didn’t know that, that is very helpful information! I feel better knowing it’s from someone “we know”. and I mispelled his name it’s actually Andy Sumrall. Hope that’s still the same person you’re thinking of!

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Yep, you got it. That’s him.

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