Big 12 Could Add Cincinnati, Houston, UCF Before 2023 Football Season

How do you know we wouldn’t?

Thank the newly ousted Bob Bowlsby for that one. He sat around for 10 years and didn’t do a dam thing.

What are you 2 years old. Ok I’ll treat you that way.
" because I said so"

You still haven’t explained how you know we wouldn’t.

If you haven’t noticed the media and the other leagues have said we are staying a power5.

We had 8 million watch a title game without Texas or uo in it. Did you not noticed 3 top 10 teams 2 big6 bowl wins. 1 in the playoff. Byu won the pac 12.

The evidence is every where. We better then two of the other conf.

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So one good season by BYU and non-blue bloods in the Big 12 conference gets to determine if we stay a P5 or not?

Yes joe I have trun into you and use 1 example.
You name teams earlier in this string that didn’t have a winning record. Is that your evidence. Your the one telling us Baylor is a juggernaut. Jug say we wouldn’t win a game with cincy coming in. Can the testimony of 2 court gestures give me anywhere.
Yes fsu usc were scare to their opponents.

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If memory serves, when the NCAA bylaws were written giving the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and SEC autonomy (Power 5), they were written as such to where that status could not be revoked.
However, given the changes we are seeing in the NCAA/College Football, those bylaws in the future might not be worth the paper their written on. Time will tell.


Yes your rite. The would have to vote us out.

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If the Big East didn’t lose their status, we had better not.


All I’ve ever said is they have more conference titles than us, but you seem to think OSU is a juggernaut. How much sense does that make🤷‍♂️?

See!!! This is an appropriate response I was looking for. Well said Jarrod.

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Rite joy. All this stuff has been out for months on power 5. We should have to tell a guru like you.

I’ve never called osu a juggernaut, but I like the sound of it. I did play softball on the juggernauts.

@joe15 thanks.

Then stop acting like it.

You telling to stop being proud of osu.
All of osu or just the parts you dnt like.

3 in cc

#7 in football

16 girls indoor

14 for wrestling

Natty for equestrian
#1 seed in both golf at regional
Tennis ranked have seen the latest
Both softball and baseball leading league play.

Year osu sucks glad your leading us


And chili cheese fries, dont forget roberto


I wished either OU or Texas would had stayed. Not both but it would had been great with the additions of the new teams. I guess for 1 or 2 seasons I will enjoy the upset alerts. I hope when the TV contract expires the league is winning against non conference and the money is still good. We need these new teams to do well.

That 14 in wrestling still eats at me !! We should never sink that low

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This is just a lie. There is no truth in you.

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