Big 12 Deliberating on When to Allow Players Back on Campus

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There are many hurdles between now and the college football season.

I think in the face of a pandemic, where some will die, but we can’t cower in fear indefinitely; your “idealism” hinders the process. A “realistic” mindset is what’s needed here, especially in the media/ blogger universe. The sooner we move from fear to rationality, the better. We need to respect, monitor and fight this virus; but we don’t need to live in fear.

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The US suffers about 60,000 deaths per year from existing flus every year. This flu season deaths from traditional flus are down dramatically, indicating many who died from COVID 19 would likely have been victims of the flu (or traditional flu deaths have been attributed to COVID). It also now appears that it least some states have over-counted COVID 19 deaths by as much as 20%. About half of both infections and deaths in the US were in the commuter pattern for the greater New York City metropolitan area. A study by MIT concluded the lack of effectively cleaning/disinfecting the train and subway cars by MTA of New York was a major, if not the dominant cause of the issues there.

As of about 7 days ago 66% of the counties in the US have not reported a single case of COVID.
We risk deaths from car accidents, diseases and other issues every day we go to work. COVID is appeared in clusters in certain areas of the country, and so far outside of those areas it has not been a serious issue for most people; COVID has not proven to be a significant risk to society in most of the country. Protect the elderly, especially those grouped under the same roof in retirement homes. Take reasonable precautions and hygiene steps, especially in situations where you would spend an extended period of time in close enclosed proximity with reduced air circulation such as planes, trains, busses and subways. Live life.


Seeing some of the comments here saddens me. In my current line of work I consistently bring up the point 1 death is too many. I think some people need to re-evaluate their priorities. I love football, playing it as a kid, being involved as a student, and now as an alumnus/fan. How have we come to the point of prioritizing a sport(s) over the safety of others?

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NCAA says they can get back to their voluntary activities June 1. Remember when Kyle thought it was outrageous for Gundy to suggest May 1 for his staff, which happened and June 1 for his players, which now the NCAA is now allowing. Lol.

I see your point, but I think of it outside of football. Its about life. People have gathered together in large groups for centuries and shopped in markets and held dinners and weddings. Covid-19 doesn’t change that, and it shouldn’t. There is nothing wrong with getting better at disinfecting and finding a treatment or a cure, but swearing off gatherings, hand-shakes, high-fives… it tears at the fabric of our humanity.

Public policy could never consider “1 death is too many”. We would literally be able to do nothing. We would not have cars, we would not have fast food, we would not have soda, alcohol or cigarettes. From the beginning of time, public health has always been a balancing act.

This isn’t just about being able to watch a football game. This is about people’s livelihoods and jobs. Not having a football season would have all kinds of terrible, outreaching consequences. Athletic departments might have to shut down. Universities might have to shut down. Again, public policy is a balancing act. It has NEVER been “1 death is too many.”

You should go back and read what the kyles wrote, that wasn’t the issue.

I’d like to see sources on a lot of his post. The 66% number looks to come from Heritage but is about counties that have had only one death.

I read it again. Kyle was wrong. Gundy’s suggestions and statements were reasonable at the time and get very reasonable as this plays out. And they weren’t insensitive. I think Kyle’s, and others, biggest sensitivity issue came with Gundy’s news source being OAN (which I have no idea where that channel exists).

It still wasn’t about the date. If you think what he said was fine, cool. That doesn’t mean the date is what people took issue with.

I agree it probably wasn’t just about the date. It was the audacity of even giving a date, or suggesting 18-22 year olds would be fine with the virus.

And as it turns out, he was just giving us reasonable statements there. It was not in line with the media narrative at the time, so he caught a ton of heat for it. But the dates turned out to be right, and it is also true that healthy 18-22 year olds have a better chance of dying in an accident on the way to practice than they do from Covid.