Big 12 HC Ranking

I get it. Some of you love Gundy. Some of you hate him. Some will never be able to accept his dismal record against OU no matter how much success he has otherwise. I am fine with all those takes. What I am not fine with is the media ranking Matt Campbell so highly above Gundy. Tell me… What is his record against Gundy? And perhaps more importantly, how many 10+ win seasons has Campbell had? Gundy?

Maybe Campbell keeps ascending and reloading, and he becomes the next Dabo. But maybe Purdy, Hall and Kolar graduate and ISU sinks back into its traditional place. Produce 5 or more 10 win seasons, and 15 consecutive winning seasons and then we can talk.

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Campbell is a nice coach. He has a system. As long as he gets the right guys to fit in he will be good. He is no different then gundy snyder and patterson. Only thing is they all did it for years.
My question is how long will he be there? I think he will jump to the nfl.

I think a lot of it is that Gundy has massively improved OSU, but then stagnated. Campbell is still on the upswing. It’s easier and more fun to make the case for Campbell than Gundy.

The more confusing ranking is having Patterson above Gundy.