Big 12 Postpones 2020 Media Day (Again)

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After being moved online and back a few weeks, Big 12 media day is no more.

The Big 12 continues to be a laughingstock under Bowlsby!

Stop spamming and I’ll stop flagging.


Well, at least they cant cancel dove hunting season…

Your a tyrant. Kyle help your comrades

Since you’re the same person, I’ll tell you the same, stop spamming and I’ll stop flagging.

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You’re a fascist. Why won’t Boone help? Brent is just like OAN!!!

More political BS fighting?! Seriously?! I wanted to have a good, civil discussion on the Big 12’s decision on dragging its feet. So I threw out the Bowlsby comment. And you two a-holes screw it up with your pissing contest in flagging. Screw you, both!!

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Have to pay for it. I paid for one month, but decided not to commit to a year at a time.

Your avatar still shows the plus though?

Hadn’t noticed that. I’ll try posting then. Thanks, Brent.

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