Big 12 Title Game Scenarios: Who OSU Will Play in Arlington for the Championship?

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It’ll either be OU or Baylor.

Since we are winning out, it makes no difference who the losing team is.
As for the playoff. For ranked opponents. We play Baylor in the title game. By beating ou they will drop in the rankings. Baylor would be a top 10 team.
Of course everyone knows our struggles beating ou. So 2 wins would still look great.


In terms of playoff positioning, best bet would be to beat OU and face Baylor for the reason @robert28 stated above. Also, I don’t want to play OU twice. I’d rather them having them watch the Big 12 title game on their couches. It would be more painful to them :rofl:


I prefer to mud hole OU next Saturday and leave them licking their wounds on Sunday, and let Riley announce he is leaving for LSU. Perfect weekend. Hope the students sing that Sound of Music song . . . “So long, fair well, alvedesen adieu”


Yes,Yes,Yes want a true Big12 championship with both SEC teams sitting on the couch watching it!!


Back to back wins vs Sooners would be sweet. Biggest battle for State is between the ears.

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If we win we most likely won’t play em twice unless Baylor shiits the bed.

I’d much rather play Baylor and their #2 QB than those ■■■■ goons twice.

Let’s take them to the woodshed in and old fashion arse-kicking.
But actually, just winning the game would feel like that too.


Baylor did not look great on both sides. We are rolling