Big 12 Update: Even after Blowout Loss, OSU Can Still Make Big 12 Championship Game, Here are the Scenarios

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Digging into the Big 12’s all-too-confusing tiebreaker rules.


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Head to head should be the tie breaker. I guess next year we go to conferences ? This is one reason I don’t like expanded conferences. You can bet your asz the the bias for the SEC will get a lot more in the expanded playoffs

A week ago I would’ve had a hard time believing the Pokes weren’t making the C-game. Now I’m having a hard time believing they will.


If the head coach doesn’t care, I don’t see why I should.

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Agree with this 100%. Now, the “SEC bias” wont bother me near as much next year

I sort of agree. Just went through the article discussion on all the tie breakers and it’s a convoluted seemingly random mess. I mean it’s to the point where common sense is seemingly turned on its head. Example is the scenario where it helps us if ISU win’s out ?Huh? So given the total randomness and complexity of the tie breakers coupled with OSU’s sh%t luck historically with these kinds of things I highly doubt we make it to the B12 CC.

Well….if we find a way to lose a third game to a team with a losing record then we don’t have to worry about that convoluted mess.

Oklahoma State needs to pray they don’t end up in a three-way tie with OU and K-STATE. Their common opponents are Iowa State, Kansas & UCF and OSU went 1-2 against those teams. Depending on how the rest of the teams finish in the standings, that could be a killer. If it does happen, better hope Kansas finishes alone next in the standings as that would eliminate OU and then OSU would have the head-to-head breaker over K-STATE.


This tie break stuff is hurting my brain


Not sure all the consternation regarding tie-breakers.

Big 12 rules are simple on CCG teams:
1st it’s Conference Record
2nd it’s head-to-head contests
3rd - then it gets complex

If ISU loses and KState, OU, and OState win out then OState gets the CCG berth. End of story.
IF ISU wins out, they get the CCG berth and we don’t.

That’s not necessarily true. In a three-way tie where all three teams didn’t play each other, head to head doesn’t matter. It goes to record against the next highest common opponent. If that ends up eliminating one of the three teams, then the head-to-head comes into play (if the remaining two teams played each other).

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What he said

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This tries to explain things. Can Oklahoma State football still make Big 12 championship game?

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Well that’s @#$%^&%##

My thoughts exactly

You know it’s true ketchup’ !! If Georgia, Alabama win their divisions , you going to tell me Mississippi, Florida and probably another will be left out ? You knew it before you went. You should have known that maybe losing 1 game and winning the B12 you would probably go staying in the B12
You disappeared from here when we were 2-2 and things were bleak. Evidently you read the board everyday.
Don’t tell me ESPN doesn’t have a lot of clout getting SEC teams in the playoffs

Well that stinks.

Win out and OU can’t go to the B12 championship?

I would love to see OSU v ISU.

That would be cool but then again we are OSU so the stars will do their best to not align in our favor.