Big Ten Reportedly Considering Further Expansion after Adding UCLA, USC

Originally published at: Big Ten Reportedly Considering Further Expansion after Adding UCLA, USC | Pistols Firing

The Pac-12 could be further decimated, though nothing appears imminent.

I guys whete statting rumors mill here two.
Unless big10 talked to fox, only 1 of those teams makes the 100 million mark. With ucla they will take in another 8 teams that pull there money down.

They have rutgers and they want cal.

No acc team is going any where. The 10 teams not able to leave wint let the others. They wont pay 15 yeats of no tv rites and an exit fee.

Why would they go for those acc teams, not aau.

If you are not in SEC or Big 10 you might as well be in the Mountain West.

Why are you on a mountain west forum?

I see my three targets aren’t being talked about, Zona, AZ State and Utaaaah. Previously inc Colorado, only due to geography, but since their higher-ups are adamant about not wanting to rejoin the Big XII+counting, let them be a large part of the Mountain West. Guess we gotta go coast to coast (Pullman to Orlando) and make Wazzu the 4th team from the Pac-10 to be invited to our conference!

Robert, only stating the obvious. I’m not a MWC proponent. There might be more than two power conferences the next few years. In the end, funding (TV markets) will eventually pair it down to just two. I’m hoping the Cowboys will be included.

Miami to the Big 10? It’s Bizarro World, Jerry!


George is getting upset!!!


You’re killing independent George!!!


Please explain to me what good it does to add the Arizona schools & Wash St?!?! Those do nothing but dilute your payout at the end of the day.

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