Bixby's Braylin Presley Has Huge Game, Still No OSU Offer

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And he still doesn’t have an OSU offer.

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Speed kills! This kid will get an offer from oSu. I can see kick returns happening with him on the team.

Every body knows he will get a offer why do u think know one has offered him

We don’t do kick offs anymore

Gundy can find a way to wast his talents


I haven’t seen a kid dominate and be as electric since Reggie Smith the former Santa Fe and OU safety. That kid is special!!

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If Gundy hasn’t offered this kid then he knows he doesn’t want to play with his brother and take his own path or He’s already silently committed to Gundy. I think why we strike out on brothers is they see there older brother not get significant playing time till they are a jr. and I believe this is the case. This seniority bull —— that gundy seems to think works for him actually hurts him in recruiting.

“ At this point, though, I’d be surprised if one doesn’t come”

I wouldn’t be. What he needs to do is keep himself at a three star level. That way Gundy will offer him and then he can play like a five star recruit in college.

If he goes to a four star level then all bets are off. He’ll never get offered because Gundy has already met his 4 star quota of the year (which is usually one per recruiting cycle).

Gundy being Gumby. Should NEVER assume a kid is gonna come just cause his bro is here…

We don’t do punt returns either…so if you’re not gonna set up a return send er’body except for two in for a block.

Uh, he has offers.

A power 5 offer. I was saying any way osu will give him one. Try not to over think things.