Blueprint to Beating OU Has Been Laid Out

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Three ways teams who have beaten OU did it.

While Gundy miserably failed Blueprint Reading 101.

  1. Barricade Mike Gundy to His Hotel Room

I know it’s less than 24 hours away, but contacting the right people in this time of need is what needs to happen. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You hire someone to bribe the hostess in the hotel to put him on the very tallest floor available. Then you hire someone at night to barricade him in his room and cut off all electronic communications (blocking is phone signal and so forth) so he can’t call emergency services until after the game is over.

  1. Get the Running Backs More Involved in Receiving

Hubbard and Brown do best in space and challenging very few defenders. They don’t do so well when trying to run through or jump over a mountain collapsing in their direction. We all know the OL is crap right now. Throw the ball to Hubbard and Brown some so it forces the OU defense to spread out some.

  1. Score Touchdowns in The Red Zone

For the love of God please find a way to score touchdowns in the red zone. Even Alex Hale himself is probably sick of going out on the field and being forced to boot the ball for another three points.

In my personal opinion, I think the most likely path to success Saturday would be if osu focuses on scoring more points than OU. If they do that, I think they’d have a pretty good chance to win.


Good job captain obvious. I wish there were only 3 things. I got a list of things Sanders shouldn’t do that’s long then 3. But yea score more pts.

Actually the chances are extremely slim. If the OSU defense can force a safety and shutout the OU offense the pokes could win 2-0.

That would be a win and out scored ou. Fits

OSU has a chance but like most Bedlam games, and most games In general, it’ll come down to which Spencer has the best game. I do think if OSU wins Riley is gone to the NFL after this year. Even if OU wins I think he may still leave but if he loses Bedlam I think he splits for the NFL. Maybe goes to the Jets to coach Lawrence or something.

That means we can give OU Mike Gundy and bring Zac Robinson in as the new head coach.


If Riley splits for the NFL, it won’t have anything to do with Bedlam. This game is far more important to OSU than it is to OU (in the perception of those two schools).

I think you may be onto something. In the last 5 wins for the pokes this season, the final outcome was determined by the fact that they outscored their opponent. Good call!

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What would be the least likely scenario to beat OU? How about run up the middle for the majority of plays, then try to rely on your defense to stop them every play? Let’s see what the winningest coach in OSU history does.

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College Football: Ranking all 127 FBS quarterback situations ahead of CFB Week 12



If it were up to us, true freshman Shane Illingworth would be starting over Sanders. Illingworth posted passing grades of 73.9 and 84.5 in his two starts in relief of the injured Sanders to start the year. For perspective, Sanders has earned just two single-game passing grades of 72.0 over his career, and he’s never earned a mark above 81.9.

Illingworth completed 13-of-20 10-plus-yard throws, racking up 338 yards and three touchdowns en route to a 93.0 passing grade and a 127.1 passer rating. Sanders’ career grade on these same throws is 69.5, and his passer rating is 73.2.

This season, Sanders has managed to post the worst turnover-worthy play rate among the current Power 5 starting quarterbacks at 7.3%. This has led to a mediocre 66.8 passing grade for the year

As is the case MOST of the time, this game will be won/lost in the trenches. It feels like OU has a decided advantage with their defensive line vs. our offensive line. Hopefully, we’ll have some healthy bodies back and can push this to neutral.

But how will the internal defensive line – Evers, Antwine, Murray and Asi – do against the OU offensive line? Their center is All-American caliber…

We need to move the line of scrimmage backwards instead of letting Stevenson see his first contact 3-4 yards down the field.

7.3% turnover worthy plays. That’s ridiculous. I’m going to Stillwater in the morning, if this QB competition is who can turn the ball over the most yours truly will be starting next week.

BTW Rattler ranked 6th. Sanders ranked 75th.

It will be the same old gundy plan with about two differt plays that gets them about 30 yards in each of they are lucky to do so or worse have McClesky throw a pass and get intercepted, wait he doesn’t play on our team anymore good. Gundy is going to play his basic game plane and try not to turn it over. We all know that he is not going to get out of his box.

We lose to the sooners because they always have the better quarterback and they still do.

Gundy is supposed to be able to develop players… How’s that going.

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