Boise State TV Info, History And Preview

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Check in on team leaders and the series history ahead of Saturday’s game.

I didn’t realize that Boise was so bad rushing the football and that their defense gives up 454 a game.

Yes…but that was to much better offenses​:rofl::innocent:

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Boise was 37-121 3.3 rushing vs UTEP with a long of 21 so without that 36-100 2.7.
As well vs UCF they were 26-20 with a long of 22! So 25-(-2) yikes. Boise has some proving as well.

They get their top RB back this game. We’ll see if that helps

Their qb is not a rusher. We gave up 30% of the rushing yards to the 2 qb.

I’m sure their offensive game plan will look better than ours. Because Mike (My Offense Sucks Chit) Gundy will make an excuse that his players are young rather than change his Pat Jones offensive scheme.

In 30 hours when that pat Jones chit offense wins, u will only have a week to cry about ksu.

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If that offense scores 14 points and the defense is the factor (for a 3rd time!!!) carrying this team to victory we’ll all be on here talking about how much more Gundy’s offense can suck chit before someone who actually knows how a college football offense should run is demanded.

Blah blah blah, speaking English I dnt get cry baby language

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Anyone here for the game? I’d love to meet some oSu fans! I’ll be the loud one in the north end zone!! GO POKES!!


You won’t find loyal and true guys on this site man

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