Boone: My Preseason Big 12 Football Poll Looks Like ...

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You’ll never guess who stands at Nos. 1 and 2.

I hate 0u as much as the next guy but I have no idea how you can put us above them. TexASS needs to drop a spot or two too.

Me waiting on the I hate Boone posts… (FYI I have OU 1st)

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I’m cautiously optimistic for OSU, if Spencer Sanders takes a step forward and plays like his capable we can definitely win the Big 12. With that being said until somebody dethrones OU I don’t know how they’re not ranked #1

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+993 in COVID cases in Oklahoma yesterday.

What season are you referring to?

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So with the video, he did do the Vince Young “declaration”, however it is far far different in what they were proclaiming.

Vince said “we’ll be back” (to the rose bowl where the national championship would be held the next year) vs Ehllinger saying “we’re back” (aka we beat a team that didn’t want to be there in Utah, like Georgia the year before when they were also back).

If one of the guys on staff filmed the video, I promise I’m not hating or anything, The idea of Ehllinger being compared to VY in any way just pisses me off haha. He’s an average QB that does way more “talk than the walk”Texas being “back” would not be 8-5 Sammy, it would at the least be a 10-11 win year, Big 12 Champ appearance, etc…How the mighty have fallen.

Anyways, rant done (the ‘Rona has me pretty bored these days) Keep up the great work PFB staff! Y’all really have done a great job of finding creative ways during this time to churn out some interesting and different articles/takes you wouldn’t usually see!

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Assuming there is a football season, I put OSU behind OU and Texas. Not because of lack of talent, just because the Cowboys never seem to have an abundance of good luck coming their way.