Boone Pickens Stadium Absent from EA Sports' Top 25 'Toughest Places to Play'

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Only one Big 12 school made the list.

Not much room left when you’re done Hawk Tuahing the SEC and Big 10. There are some seriously questionable decisions on that list.

Yeah VT Arkansas and Miss St are head scratchers to me

Just curious how many of those schools lost at home to a G5 team since last season?

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One of my daughters graduated from VT so I’ve been to a bunch of games there. Only cool part is Enter Sandman. Other than that it’s not even close to BPS.


Glass is always half empty. :laughing:


Arkansas has. VT lost to ODU but I think that might have been on the road.

I just don’t understand how BPS isn’t in the top 25. How do you put some of these teams like Alabama so high when their roster is stacked like they’re an NFL G League team. Of course they’re dominant at home. They have a dominant roster it has nothing to do with the stadium or fans.

If bps is not in top 25 then boone pickens money did nothing.

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Half empty like gundy’s championship trophy case.

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They must just tune in or visit the first few games of the season that would make sense the hole stadium has been silent for the noncon for the last decade because we are playing a nail biter to Central Michigan and co. I fully believe gundy is absolutely incapable of getting his team coached up fast enough to be ready for the first few games. Might be at the bottom of college coaches in that Category if there was one. Just ridiculous really.

It tends to get that way when you keep proving you’re consistently better at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory than the other way around.

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VT lost to ODU twice that I know of. Both at ODU. I live in Virginia and was at the game in 2018 when ODU’s 4th string QB lit up VT. It was very cool to watch. Not really relevant to our home winning % other than sometimes overmatched teams can catch good teams sleeping.

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This list means nothing. There is way too much emphasis put on the size of the stadium and attendance. I would take BPS over VT’s Lane stadium every time. Now, I’ve been to games at Tennessee and Auburn which are awesome venues and tough places to play because of the size of the crowds.

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