Boone Pickens Stadium

Was wanting to hear from you all, what improvements would you like to see to the stadium? Expansion, Renovation, anything.

If it’s possible I’d love to see the East end wrapped around to touch GIA and close in the sound


It’s basically brand new…

Expansion… I’ll drop my tickets and never watch a game again if they try to expand the stadium. Our fans can’t even be bothered to show up as it is.


??? We sold out several games last year and didn’t have a crowd smaller than 52k.


Let’s put another deck on top. Go straight SEC style on these fools lol.

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It would be empty :man_shrugging:t2:

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You honestly believe there were more people at the SE Louisiana game than at the Homecoming game?

The corners have been thin for years and our stadium capacity has decreased 5k over the past four years… Mostly making room for our expanding waistlines.

Expanding BPS would be a disaster.


I think it would fill up more than people think. Tickets would cheapen with more seats.

No they wouldn’t :joy:


You could be right lol. It would be cool though. They are already trying to get 52,000 season ticket holders. That’s a lot.

The rule is that you don’t entertain expanding your stadium until you sustain a wait list that is 3x your projected expansion for at least 10 years.

OSU Football has never had a wait list for season tickets.


Nationwide stadiums are getting smaller and attendance is dropping. An expansion will never happen at BPS.


Cheese fries from Joe’s would be a great addition to the concession.

I do think a beer garden with OKLAHOMA Craft beers in the stadium would be a nice addition


I dont favor expansion anytime in near time future…if the Athletic Dept has capital $'s to burn on BPS …spend in areas that would improve the ‘viewing experience’ for those in attendance … spend in areas that would increase demand (prices/revenue) for the 55k seats available today!


So when Boone died, was their not a will for us to receive? I figured we would be getting a big donation.

I honestly believe the big12 reported attendance.

Last expansion worked out and didn’t meet this criteria. But I agree with you.

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No OSU apparently got a debt forgiven from him but that was it.

A roof or some covering would be great

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