Boone's Annual Letter

Here’s the letter. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that this has to be Gundy’s most masterful year yet, even if it means him sucking up his ego and changing how he does things. I want T.Boone to have a title and 7-6 or 8-5, ‘loyal and true’, and mullet pageantry doesn’t cut it anymore. Make it happen, Coach.

“But I’m in it to win it. My first goal for 2019 is to win a Big 12 football championship…again. Then to make the final four playoffs. Fingers crossed Mike Gundy can make that happen this year. The window is closing for me.”

Woo…there seems to be a bit of shade there…


Rightfully so, too. I think that T. Boone understands failure and tolerates it, but when it doesn’t seem like there’s any real attempt to correct it, then he gets salty - as he should.

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This was an awesome read. $652M is crazy.

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IMO well intended shade especially after Gundy’s comments regarding his performance last year. What speaks more to me is how much Holder and Boone have backed away from public view regarding the football program. This is really the first peep we have heard since Holder stated he wished Gundy could improve his recruiting rankings. IMO worst mistake in Gundy’s career was resisting input from Holder and Pickens and forging his own path. You don’t have the success those two have had and not be able to provide valuable input and guidance to young coaches. From what I heard Boone and Holder got Holgy to oSu. That single move has made Gundy a fortune.

That’s his pissin’ money. That’s what’s crazy.