Bowl Projections: Pokes Move Up, and a Primer on How to Get to the Big 12 Title

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The Big 12 championship game is still a possibility for OSU.

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Notre Dame is obviously the top pick (“It’s a good bowl!” - @leecothran)

But any of the three options are fine by me.

The Texas Bowl might be better for recruiting and to get a lot of current players to be able to play in their home state, but a match-up against ND would be great.

Selfishly, I want the Texas bowl because I live in the Houston area so it would be a short drive for me. But ND would be sweet!

Camping World is probably only in play if Baylor beats Texas. I think most people believe that OU is going to win the conference championship, and Baylor won’t grab the at-large bid to the cotton bowl unless the only loss(es) on their resume are to Oklahoma. The at-large bid for Baylor pushes everyone else up a bowl game, so I’m rooting for them the rest of the way.