Bowl Projections: Predictions for Oklahoma State’s 2022 Postseason Partners and Landing Spots

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It’s down to one of two bowls according to experts.

Either one of those match ups in the Alamo bowl would get ugly. No thanks.

Ug, none of the above please. I guess UCLA or Louisville would be okay. How about someone like Florida? Anybody out there with a big name and a bad record?


Anyway we could volunteer for the Guarantee Rate bowl against a crappy Big 10 team? It might then be actually competitive :rofl: :man_facepalming:


Okay, now I feel bad. I think our team is still pretty good and maybe by the time our bowl game rolls around we will be healthy enough to play like we started off the year. I would still like to be in a game that elevates our status if we win. Notre Dame last year was perfect. Miami the year before was good. Now that @jarrod mentioned Big 10 teams, I would play Penn State. They might be able to beat us but at least it would be a big game. Honestly I think we could take them if we were healthy.

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LOL that didn’t work out so well the last time we tried it LOL

Wow you might be on to something here! I mean nationally just about everyone in the B10 is considered a gem. If we beat one of those turds they can’t come out and say we beat a bad B10 team. That’s against their narrative.

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Who was the last one? Ohio State? Maybe Oregon?

@TayJ OU last week


Nobody cares about bowl games. They mean nothing and all the good players that think they have a chance at the nfl don’t play. Worthless bowl games. What people like to watch and has meaning is the big twelve championship and playoffs.

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