Bowlsby Now Alleges AAC after All Eight Remaining Big 12 Schools, Per Report

…depressing. Seem like a distinctive step down. I’m hoping that its not the only solution. I’m assuming that money will be significantly less.

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In the last 48 hours, I’ve watched ESPN+ and Disney+.

Why not Big 12+?

Subscription-based is the future!


South North
Baylor Iowa State
Houston Kansas
SMU Kansas State
Texas Tech Tulsa
USF Cincy
UCF Navy
Memphis Temple
Tulane WVU

Just saying…

Uhhh I don’t get it, what exactly is that supposed to solve?

Conversation starter for you experts…

Ok cool, I’m far from an expert but I’m not really liking it. Although I guess I could be for it if it keeps OSU financially stable and doesn’t crater recruiting.

If this is a pipe dream mite as well add army

This should not be a pipe dream for any OSU fan. This is worst case scenario.

I think teams like Tulane and temple should be drop. Byu air force or boise add to that list.
They should all bring in tv with the best football
Temple is bad army or navy cover the Philly area.
Tulane if we want Louisiana then the Cajun would be better.
Schools like temple smu Tulane are private and low enrollment.
The 3 military schools and byu aren’t large but have added fans outside of alumni.