Boynton: If All 10 Big 12 Teams Are Good Enough for Tournament, They Should Make It

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Boynton calls the league “absurd.”

I know there is a lot of hype for the big 12. Osu pre conference games are still a factor. If we go 7 and 9 then we still have to have a couple of big wins. This one is a good one to get.

Got alot of upper classmen that need to step up or in avery terms dnt turn it over. Bryce is the only consistent play on offense. Guy like boone needs to be out there more. He came up big in the second half of the last game.

Got to get back to more assist.


Coach shouldn’t be concerned for even one second over who from the B12 gets in. Be totally concerned with playing your absolute best game against the Longhorns.


I really doubt that the NCAA powers that be will let all 10 B12 teams into the big dance, even if all 10 of them deserve it. Best bet is to be as high in the order as possible which requires winning games. Also I don’t know about the rest of cowboy nation but for me just making the show doesn’t do it. I expect to see some runs at the brass ring.

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We don’t have to worry about not getting in the tournament. This team will make it. I know they have issues on offense but they have gotten better. Our defense is top notch. Avery needs to sit and watch from the bench plane and simple.

And deeper than we have been in a long time

Gotta keep the big fella injury free.