Boynton Not Worried about Embarrassment of Riches in Backcourt

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The Cowboys are deep at guard.

If this was baseball I wouldn’t care either. I guess if we have a few guards get hurt be great to have a couple of dozen spares. I hope the bigs don’t get hurt, then we will see how 5 guards play.

“Elon Musk not worried about what to do with his billions of dollars.”

I have to agree with Robert. It’s an imbalanced roster. But I don’t blame the coach because I know he wants a couple of bigs under the basket just as much as any fan does. Just not enough of them to go around. And those that are big are not interested in OSU at this point. Boynton never counted on Yor Anei leaving him high and dry. Obviously Kouma was never going to be the answer. When a man out, go the Juco route.

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