Boynton Says He Doesn't 'Have Any Reason to Believe' He Won't Be Back Next Season

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‘If I’m fortunate to be back, and I don’t have any reason to believe I won’t.’

Ok, we’ll let’s move on.

Probably because he knows that the administration would rather use that buyout money on football instead.

Do you mind if I go on a rant?

If he is not bought out then a huge FU to Chad Weiberg. We can let Chad go if he isn’t going to lead the program. Two bad hires, Boynton and Chad.


Be my guest


Funny that he says that. Because if you listen to his post-game from Tuesday and compare it to all the other post-game losses, it sounds night and day. This was the first post-game where he sounded checked-out. And frankly, he coached the game like he had already checked out.

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If we aren’t going to use the buyout money to release and replace Boynton, use it not for football, but as a down-payment on the softball stadium. Or the athletic village that Chad envisions. Football has two NY6 wins and one conference title in 19 seasons. Softball has reached 4 consecutive (I think) WCWS. Similar accomplishments in just 1/4 the time frame. With facilities that are bare-minimum compared with football, men’s hoops, golf, and baseball. And maybe even other sports. Karsten is being renovated. The cross country course is fairly new and first-class. We all know how special GIA can be for men’s and women’s hoops. So many of our sports are in good shape facility wise. But not softball. And it bothers me greatly. I can’t pay for a new stadium, but maybe this helps motivate the right folks to, in the words of O’Brate, “make it happen”!


Chads plan to bring fans back despite terrible basketball is to give away more free popsicles at home games. Fire Chad.

I can’t argue that logic at all.

I can’t argue with that.

I’m not sure we even keep the young guys we have keeping or firing him. Fire him they probably leave. Keep him no one is going to donate enough to NIL to keep all these guys because the coaching sucks. The program is in a deep hole that I don’t see us getting out of anytime soon.

Because Chad ain’t got a hair on his arssss.

I agree with losing Chad. How do you give away Kelvin Sampson-level money to a .500 coach? But failing and getting promoted seems to be the way of the world.

I would recommend applying the Gundy strategy, hire a D2 coach ready to move up.
But we see how that worked with Brad Underwood.

Let’s be clear it was Holder that hired Boynton, our inept coach, and it was Holder that not only extended the contract, but gave the moron a raise.

It is Chad that now has to clean up Holder’s :poop:

If somebody tired, they could not come close to destroying Oklahoma State MBB more than the egomaniac Holder! He was nothing more than an arrogant, narcissistic _ss, that humped the donors.

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