Brandon Weeden On OSU's Depth, Spencer Sanders and the 2021 Team

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Weeden and Hunziker talk ahead of the season-opener on Saturday.

Well I dnt think weeden wears glasses but mite drink orange Kool aid.

Love Hunziker, but Bill Teegins is and will forever be the GOAT in the broadcast booth for OSU.


Funny what Brandon said right off the bat about it’s a good idea to get the threes more reps because they could be a two or a one. I mean he tells you right there that gundy didn’t do that back then or ever. It’s crazy to me that gundy as he said should have been doing this all along and he gets paid how much to be a college coach? Baffling.

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I know u guys are slow. We have never been so deep. One reason all the super seniors. But on defense special we have better players. So we can go 3 deep.
I know it’s a good sound bite for u haters.

Well Brandon seems to think he could have been doing this when he played by reading in to what he was saying because he was third on the team at one point

I’m just reiterating what Brandon said so is he slow too?

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Your coach has been deep enough to give more reps to the 2 and 3’s if he was smart enough to figure out that it’s a good idea and he said that so is gundy slow too? Yes he is and he admitted that this year. Good try Roberto tho.

I love u guys that go around listening to coaches, then act like they are saying something.
I dnot care what gundy, weeden or God says, we are deep now. More players show up early, so they r in tge routine.
Sure we had enough players and could have run plays with the 3rd team. But thinking by playing those guys would get them ready to replace 1’s and 2’s.
Most guys that r 3rd team will need to learn the system, get in shape.
U go through the list of players on the team now there are a ton of them have alot of playing time. Then u add a good recruiting class.
It will be good since the third team is the scout team.
Gundy was talking in fall that they were run 4 teams through. Like I said good sound bites for u gundy haters

Seems like Weeden has been doing a lot of commentating and in the media lately. Not sure if he’s wanting to get into broadcasting or if he’s maybe thinking about coaching??

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“In 2010, nobody thought we were going to be any good. … There was a ton of question marks. But we all knew we had a chance to be pretty good. I think it’s the same thing with this 2021 team.”

Don’t get me wrong. Got a lot of respect for the dude that helped bring a bedlam victory and conference title all in the same season. However, I kept hearing comparisons of the 2017 team to the 2011 team only to see that team finish 3rd. I’ll wait and see what the first 5-6 games look like.

Kind of like how it took him into the last game of the 2020 season to figure out what he actually had in Brennan Presley

I’ve been saying it for the last couple of years now. He needs to come to OSU as an assistant and eventually take over as the head guy. He’s a dude that has championship experience and NFL experience. Why wouldn’t you want to hire him?

What championship experience?

The Big 12 championship and BCS bowl against Stanford. You know…because no other player in recent years at OSU knows what it feels like to win one. We’ve shifted our focus to low level bowl games now.


28 year old beat Landry Jones without Ryan Broyles

2 > 3

You really think Ryan Broyles was going to make a difference with OSU having a 44-3 leading going into the 4th quarter?

Landry. JONES.

2 > 3


If you were a created player on NCAA 2021 you’d be a [51 overall punter] walk-on