Brandon Weeden Speaks Bluntly on OSU's Relationship with Alums

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Weeden says he hopes this discussion makes a lightbulb go off for those in high places.

This is on Holder, the CEO of Oklahoma State athletics. It’s really head-scratching to think we forget about our athletes when they complete their eligibilty. What about the so-called family culture? I’d give Holder the opportunity to explain why he hasn’t prioritized maintaining lifetime relationships with our student-athletes. This is an incredible storyline for Pistols Firing to pursue. I just assumed our leaders understood the power of lifetime relationships and networks. Wow. This is jaw dropping.


I think this is more common around the country than we think. Just last week, Keyshawn was complaining about the same stuff with USC.

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I am more than happy to take this job on.


How much is this about guys that had so much attention showered on them their whole lives and when it ends they can’t deal? Weeden should volunteer to run the program if he wants it so bad. Or Thurman. No money for this with COVID. If Holder would allow it. That’s a big if. Time for Holder to go. Boone is gone no need to keep him around anymore.

Interesting enough, for the most part this alumni relations responsibility was part of Johnny Barr’s job. Many (including yours truly), felt he was dead weight inside the department and wondered why he was even on the payroll. He was included in the recent downsizing effort. Hopefully, this problem takes care of itself now@

He’s not great at it with the golf team either unless you were one of his superstars. I talked to a guy that played there in the early 2000s and he was saying he has no relationship with the team or Holder.

When Travis Ford was the basketball coach there were several former players who mentioned him being terrible with relationships with former players. There was basically no involvement of former players in the program. Seems like a huge mistake to me. Coach Boynton has made a concerted effort to bring back those former players. Boynton’s win/loss record may not be great, but I think he could be building something special. He is good at developing and maintaining relationships. I think basketball is much easier than football to coordinate those former player relationships, but I do think OSU football could do better. I think Gundy should have some involvement, but he needs help to coordinate those efforts. OSU has so many talented former athletes come through it is a shame they don’t do a better job honoring them. Thurman Thomas being inducted into the Ring of Honor is a good start.

Anyone who thinks its time for Mike Holder to step down might want to research all that he has done for the university as the AD and then compare his accomplishments to every former AD that OSU has had. If you think that his only significant accomplishment was his relationship with Boone Pickens then you have not done your homework and possibly you have not been on campus for the last several years. When Mike Holder decides to retire he is going to be honored by calling the athletic facilities as a whole the OSU Mike Holder Sports Village. I think he is waiting around to see his next goal accomplished. A premier wrestling facility to attract even better wrestlers so that OSU wrestling returns to its former glory. Holder is busy building the future success of OSU. He’s going to be hard to replace. I will always be in awe of that guy considering I knew him as an OSU classmate and one of the guys in Kerr Hall and someone who was on the golf team. Amazing what he has become since then.

Well, this blog appears to be called Pistols Firing for a reason. There seems to be some half cocked pistols flailing like the OSU wave, and going off prematurely on anyone they perceive as not 100% on their side. Ok, I LOVE OSU, Brandon, Thurman (and for that matter, where’s Barry?). However, I don’t believe it is a coach’s, nor athletic director’s responsibility to make a mini-alumni club for ex players. If you’re lonely for OSU, come back, spend time in Stillwater, watch the games live, volunteer on or off campus. Make a difference yourself, don’t just whine about it. God bless you all.

I do like it when something happen, some one needs to be fired. Lmao u know when u in a relationship an u drift apart. I’ve never heard of so many grown men cry so much. I do believe there should as much contact with old players as possible. That said, they she have talk to Gundy and holder. I know from other stories that Gundy want a ring for a while and does talk to old plays. Not a good yr to bring old guy out with u.

A good friend of mine, played at OSU and NFL, talked to Holder about making a position with pay to be a liaison to former players. He got zero response. He told me that the money he could bring in would more cover the costs. He visited with other big 12 schools and stated they all have someone.