Braydon Johnson's Move to Slot Should Showcase Speed in 2021

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Johnson has five career touchdowns entering 2021.

I think Johnson is going to have a great season and for some reason the hype of Presley and the long ball Tylan substitute Tay Martin have overshadowed Braydon in the media. He could be our “go to guy” on third down if Sanders can check down on his reads fast enough to see him over the middle.

That assumes they’ll let him throw much over the middle. Something rarely seen last year but they sure did throw a lot there in the bowl game and ran Miami ragged with that.

Am I interpreting this article and depth chart correctly, Presley is still in the slot (along w/ Johnson), and the Green twins are #1 and #2 on one side out wide, or are they saying Presley is now outside and the Green twins are in on the other slot position?

“When the Cowboys use four-receiver sets this season, it’ll further strain defenses.”

It’s not a matter of “when” but a matter of “if” they use four receiver sets. You have to remember we use a Cowboy Back now as an extra blocker and never throw the ball to him. Further giving ourselves less advantages against the defense time after time thanks to Mediocre Mike.

Im going to go out on a limb here and suggest Johnson will be underutilized and have the same numbers or less like last season. Doesn’t matter if you have speed when the Head Coach says he’s doesn’t want to risk anyone getting injured by throwing it over the middle.

I’ll believe the four receiver sets when I see it consistently this season. Until then I think we should just expect to see bombs being thrown down the field into double coverage coupled with 2.8 yards a carry into a brick wall with a cloud of dust leading to episodes of the Tom Hutton show.

Every time I get pumped by the orange colored hype of a player and think of the possibilities of glory I then read something from Joe and at times I have to agree with his take on things. If we have a new game plan like we saw in the last bowl game then we should rack up a ton of points, especially with a healthy O line, assuming the QB has improved because of the QB coach. But if we stick with the usual game plan that we have seen for years, then it will be as Joe has described. I think we need to eventually hire a really talented OC. Coach Dunn might turn out to be a victim of the Peter principle.

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I don’t think it’s Dunn calling plays, or if he is I think he is being severely handicapped. We’ve seen this stale offense for a good while now. Hopefully the whole seasons play calling is like the Miami bowl game.

If Gundy did let Dunn loose for the Miami game then we are in for a really good season.