Braylin Presley Includes OSU in His Top 8 Schools

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Could OSU land both Presley brothers?

We do have a good idea of who he is. So I’m happy when he commits.
My only deal is we got alot of athletes that are or could commit. All I can say is the will have fresh legs if they all get to play.

We should have been his first offer…PERIOD!

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He did say he was going to go through the full recruitment process.
So if he comes he will want to be here.

He’s not picking OSU

None of those schools have an edge on OSU. Even Nebraska has fallen off the radar.

His highlights show he has some of Sanders wiggle, does he have the frame to get to 200 pounds? Will he be a superstar or a better Jalen McCleskey?

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That avatar is it like getting a tattoo u dnt want any more?

We have a history of not getting the younger brother.

He is not going to Michigan. Actually we have quite a few in gundy era we hard 2 sets last year would have been 3 if not for injury.
Thats in one cycle I can name more.
But yes we missed 1

We do have 4 rb and 3 slot including his brother.
And 2 rb commits. So if he wants alot of playing time if my going some where else.
But on that list of eight we would offer him the best chance of the nfl.

Huh? It’s a G…

Anyways, 4 star Pres isn’t picking the pokes according to sources

I hope he comes but were getting full of athletes.

John Kolar’s little brother, you know the one who catches 10 passes against us every year. Then there’s Darrion Daniels little brother. I can name more that didn’t go to Michigan.

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Thats 3. I name 3 in one cycle we got new set of brothers on campus.
And actually a 4th set in that cycle. So 5 set in the last 2 years.

Is ur mom chicken little.
U see something and the sky is falling.
It happens every where. Payton manning mean anything. Ole miss couldnt get the son and Tennessee couldn’t get the brother. Do u think either of those two will get the grand son(his dad went to ole miss)
The #1 qb went to tosu, would have been third generation at Texas.
Are these the things ur talking about. I can gone on.

Why does he need to get to 200 lbs? :joy: :sob: :joy_cat:

It just depends what position we put him at. If he’s a slot WR then he’s fine where he is. If he’s going to play RB, he needs to gain weight. For example guys like Sanders and Kendall Hunter came to OSU at about 170 pounds but grew into their frames to about 200 pounds. He could play RB lighter but it would affect the number of carries he can withstand per game. I’m just wondering about his potential. It’s obvious on video he has some electric moves and speed.

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