Breaking Down Oklahoma State's 2020-21 Basketball Roster

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Boynton has plenty of options as to how to use his flexible roster.

I really like this class. I think Williams is a waste of a scholarship though and will transfer after the season. He’s already decommitted from 2 schools this year and he’s choosing OSU b/c he wants to get exposure playing next Cunningham. I just don’t see him playing next year. We are loaded at the 2 and 3 positions. If he sticks around its a different story but I just don’t see it. They need to find one more post player that is going to contribute. Maybe we can get lucky with the Sanogo kid or another grad transfer.

Oh man…weak in the knees!!!

I’ve really been thinking this over and it all depends on how quickly the young guys adapt to the college game and how much improvement we see out of the current roster. I think it will change over the course of the season and maybe, just maybe look like this:

I know. I know. It looks crazy but if Williams can score like it appears he can and Cade plays point, I don’t see any way around it. (and Walker is the 2nd highest rated recruit here, no clue how much he will play).

DO NOT sleep on Rondel Walker. I would project him right now as a major contributor/possible starter at the 2 by mid january. Might be our best two way wing.

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I don’t know why a lot of you don’t like Williams, kid averaged ■■■■ near 30ppg coming off an ACL tear! It will probably take him some time to adjust to the D1 level, but he knows how to put the ball in the basket and I’d expect him to continue to do so

I didn’t say I didn’t like him. If he sticks around its a great addition. I just see a kid that committed to Nebraska and then decommitted and then a few days ago committed to KSU and then decommitted and then states that his reason was to play next to a kid that is one and done. Minutes are limited. Anderson, Harris, Walker, Likekele, Boone, Flavors, and Moncrieffe all competing for the 2 and 3 spot and lets face it…Likekele getting the majority of those minutes from one of the spots. My gut is telling me he won’t see much time next year and he will be a mid year transfer.

I see what you’re saying, but I look at like this. Likekele and Flavors should be receiving starters minutes at the 2/3. Anderson will be the backup PG, and I think Keylan and MAM will play a lot at the 4 to give us a quick unit that can shoot the ball. That leaves Walker, Harris (who’s coming off an injury and just got off crutches the other day), and Williams to back up the 2/3 spots. It’s definitely crowded, but when you have the chance to add a 4star that can shoot the ball like he can and that also gives us a better chance at a 5star PG next year you have to take him.