Brennan Presley is the Future of OSU's Receiver Position

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Brennan Presley is different.

He will make alot of play next 2 yrs

Too bad the future receiver for OSU barely got the ball this season. Thanks Coach Gundy!!!

I’m actually a little impressed at how you consistently find a way to turn every single positive non-Gundy-related article into a pout fest over Gundy. It’s pretty creative.


If we can have another WR emerge on the outside like Tylan it could get dangerous. Have someone on the outside to stretch it out over the top and then Presley working underneath out of the slot? Get LD to comeback next year with Dez and Dominic? If we get consistent QB play lookout!!

I agree that LD Brown for his own career and for the benefit of the team would do better coming back for another season because I don’t think due to injury that he played in enough games to show his full potential to the NFL scouts.
As for Pressley, I see him more in the role a Dillon Stoner instead of a wide receiver because he is so short he won’t have much of a chance to go up to grab contested balls from the taller pass coverage. If Sanders can make better reads and have a quicker ball release then it should be a good passing team next season and hopefully they will air it out like they did in the first quarter of the bowl game. Worry less about interceptions and instead go back to being the aerial, high scoring team that they used to be. Have Sanders run less since he risks injury like we saw to his hand yesterday. Tweak the playbook to build an offense around the receivers. And develop some running plays other than straight up the middle. Jet sweeps would be nice once in awhile. And drop the run play on third and long. No one is fooled by that.

No one wants to see Sanders throwing on3rd and 20 from the 20yd line, so yes run

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Where was Braden Johnson in the bowl game? Was he injured? He will be the wide receiver next season and Pressley becomes the next Dillon Stoner.

Sanders played very well last night, and I’ve been probably his biggest critic on here, but I still can’t believe that we’re just going to hand him the job over one game. If Illingsworth outperforms him in the off-season please tell me we’ll play him.

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“Presley caught six passes for 118 yards and three scores in the win over the Hurricanes”

Looks like Gundy found his perfect decoy for next season.

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I hope we play the best qb I cant wait to see gunner. I know his film is hs but hit guys in stride. Able to run.
I think gunner brings the best of the other 2 qbs
More mobile then shane
Better passes then Sanders

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Hill touch the ball 190 times at osu. That’s like 14 times a game. Hardly a decoy.
I bet he in 20 games for kc doesnt touch the bal 190 times. Maybe they r using him as a decoy

I know!!! The possibility to get maybe 3rd or 4th place next season is there.

Based on how bad the 2014 team was he probably should’ve gotten it more than 14 times.

Slap face. Stay focused. Not a decoy proven

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Since Gundy didn’t take a QB this year he is looking at his son to take over the reins…This has Bob Simmons is written all over it. If Gundy pulls this stunt it will be to his demise…the kid maybe got one D1 offer…you got to be kidding me!!! Being around the program some the big issue with Gundy is he is so Narcissistic and with this elitist attitude he will definitely make a pathway for his son when it is for the detriment of the teams success. (Rule of thumb…I don’t think it is a good idea to coach your son at this level…some have done it successfully like Elway but overall with all the potential problems in the Room not a good idea) Gunner is a great kid and not knocking his character.
One more thing on Gundy…show some enthusiasm on the sideline and be more involved with showing your players you care and into the game…show some emotion…at least he not calling his players by their number (as if he can’t remember their name) when talking to the media.

U really have no idea what happened
They didnt even give him a ranking.
No one waste their time recruiting him they know he was a osu lock. Go watch his high light video.
If then u think he is bad then ok so be it.

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Does he need to cute his hair too. It’s better to be a # then what some hs coach call yea​:upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::money_mouth_face:.

I’ve heard all this hype surrounding Johnson for the last two seasons now but I’ve rarely seen it. Guy has some nice speed but that really about it.

If they thought he was that good more people would have given him a better evaluation. I would say given Gundy’s history of choosing a starting QB that OSU football is screwed in the not too distant future.

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