Brett Yormark: Big 12 'No Longer' Having Discussions to Add UConn, Gonzaga, Indicates Four-Corner Addition Played a Role

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Yormark says his focus is on the transition of the four-corner schools.

I wish I could find that post where someone said UConn and Gonzaga were a done deal simply because of…basketball, LOL. Football is KANG and don’t you forget it! :joy: :sob: :joy:

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Agreed. Football was running the shifting/realignment due to it making so much money. Adding those strong basketball schools…does nothing. The people on here didnt like to hear it.

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Lol im glad we got you 2 on here telling us football is king. I thought boynton was making us millions.

No one “thought Boynton was making us (OSU)millions” But there were MANY people who thought the idea of adding Gonzaga and UCONN was a good one because of what it would do for basketball. There were articles/posts all over here referencing it and the benefits of it. There were none. It was of no benefit whatsoever.

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You would have to know the break down with the tv deal.
Do they actually pay for basketball. I know that football is king, but basketball could generate more money if seperatedit really doesnt matter no one will play everybody. Schedule always a big deal but now you can go from worst to best because of just schedule