Bryce Thompson Announces Partnership with Car Dealership

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A huge NIL deal for the Tulsa native.

Good for him, but this crap is gonna get out of control. Who’s going to become the New York Yankees and LA Dodgers of each college sport.

Buy those championships!!!

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We need more Bill Knights around Stillwater.

We need more Bryce Thompson’s in football.

I agree! When a projected starting QB that has played a few snaps and never started a game for Alabama hauls in nearly a million bucks via the NIL, this will be a money war. Good for the elite so called “student athletes” but in my opinion not great for the game.


This has big pros and big cons & could get out of control bad. Athletes competing for $ and goods off the field instead of focusing on an education? Why be motivated to go to class when your taking time searching for sponsors & hauling in $? And to think Dez Bryant was afraid to admit he had a meal with a pro ruining his college career and Hart Lee Dykes took a little cash in the day and it nearly destroyed a football program? Niw Skill players are the haves taking it in and grunt players the have nots. Widening the gap.

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