Bryce Thompson Down to OSU, OU and Tulsa, Will Announce Decision Thursday

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Bryce will pick a program Thursday.

Mike Boynton put the eyes out the other day and said good news was coming and the OU board seems to think he’s coming to OSU. Hope they are right and we get to add another Oklahoma kid to the roster. Might be a record for how many oklahoma kids ever were on an OSU roster at the same time.

Well not a big but I guess we will take him

Please let this happen! Not only will he contribute immediately, but it will help so much more in recruiting (OK) in the future.

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I would say the outlook looks good. I have to think that Cade’s success in Stilly has a lot to do with it. If Kruger was still in Norman, I would be more concerned. Is there any chance he goes to Tulsa?

I’ll be surprised if he picks OSU. Don’t get me wrong, it would be great if Boynton can secure a commitment. If he picks Tulsa he’ll be the number one option while playing for his dad’s alma mater.

I say Tulsa.

All signs point to OSU

I think because Boynton posted that more good things are coming to Stillwater it would have to be Bryce T. If he picked Tulsa he would go nowhere with that team. He obviously is not interested in any of the bluebloods any longer. So it is between OU and OSU and I think there was already a relationship with Boynton. OU has a new coach that the kid is not personally familiar with. I would be surprised if he does not announce OSU as his pick. Boynton already tipped us off about this. So no real surprise. But where is this team going without a center??? Middle of the pack in the conference. Make the NCAA tournament and win one game and then what? So we play again without a real center. Same old look means same old outcome. I don’t fault Boynton at all. If the bigs are not interested in coming to the land of chicken fried steak then it’s not his fault. But I think coach B. needs to spend more time in NYC recruiting some bigs if he intends to reach his goal of championship teams. Someone up their might like to trade the concrete for pastures.
But with the back injury, are we getting damaged goods with Bryce T.? That would be my concern. If he comes on board does someone then fear for their playing time being significantly decreased and thus we have a transfer? Regardless, get ready to welcome the newest Cowboy.

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I hate it, but basketball is moving away from the big men (which is ruining the game). Our problem, if we don’t have a center, is we don’t have enough athletes that can shoot the 3 consistently.

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What do you think Boone and Kouma are? They are centers. We added 2 power forwards in the transfer portal. And Boone is one of the best centers in the country.

Boone is too underweight and not tall enough to be effective as center in Big 12 play.
Kouma is not a good enough basketball player. He can barely hold onto the ball at times. He is a project better served in Division ll.

Kouma is a center although a project at best. Boone is a forward playing out of position although he has played well at times and will improve b

So are we literally getting excited about him for the sheer fact that he was a 5 star high school recruit? Forgive me but his first year of college was very disappointing I understand the injuries but that’s something we should be concerned with to . Meanwhile we have a skinny 6’8 big man manning the interior

Please tell me this is a joke

Why don’t you pull up a mock draft for 2022 and see where Boone is

Any center we get will be a project

Dude he’s not even a center

Than you don’t know what a center is.

I would bet he would not get drafted. Pulled up a mock draft and Boone was not listed in the top 121 players graded. Although Bryce Thompson was.