Bryce Thompson Down to OSU, OU and Tulsa, Will Announce Decision Thursday

Boone is r center. Out of place but does do well. He is a good ball player but need a couple of inches and 40 is.
The idea of a center is passa is bs. Its just hard to find a 7 footer who can play. Eddie had like 3 thats counting Pittman.

Not sure how this news about Thompson turned into a discussion about true centers? Guard play is what wins. If Boone was about 20-30 pounds stronger, he would be perfect because then he could defend the position. He’s already a sound center on offense minus the turnovers.

Thompson would be a great addition! Another adequate ballhandler and shotmaker.

Guards are great and osu has had a bunch. We have a bunch on this team now.
But are best teams were lead by big county and kurland. Things do change but a good center is what were lacking.
I would rather have Boone have the ball then the other two.
We have a trunover problem. Hope another year will help.
We had trouble with real centers thats why we lost to tcu twice.

Big 12 Champs and Final 4 with Ivan McFarlin at center and Joey Graham at the 4. That team was a picture of the future of basketball.

This team can be constructed in a similar way if we land a talent like Thompson. Baylor’s bigs were nothing special. They were rim protectors and rim runners like Boone. But they had 5 really good guards and that’s why they won the whole thing.

If we clean up the turnovers, then the lack of a big big will be less prevalent.

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That team had more then Joey and Ivan. Both those two were very athletic.
But if u dnt want a center I guess more power to u.

Nbadraft has him at 33.

I want a center that could actually play…not sit the bench. There isn’t a single center we are recruiting that would crack our top 8 lineup. OU has had a 7’0 the last 2 years that hasn’t touched the floor.

I’m with but there were some out there.
I know what u mean even yuri sat the bench alot because of fouls.
I think he got hurt a smu.

I just want good players. If that means we don’t have a “true 5”, I’m good with that. If we have a “true 5” that can really play, then I’m on board with that too.

I’m with u brother. But we got a ton of shooting guards.
There are some good centers out there that we never reach out to.
Look at a guy like Pittman. No offense but was a beast on the the D.
Some one like him that could eat up some minutes is fine with me.
Its all good if boynton can get better at coaching. Just have no assists and the team turns to 3 if the other teams makes a run. Actually needs to slow it down and run an offense when the other team is on a run.