Bryce Thompson Transfer Thread [FOOD Edition]

Who thinks it’s an OU/KU battle?

I think this is very much a OU/KU battle. If we are being honest as a fan base what has mike Boynton done on the court to prove to these recruits that they will win in Stillwater. It sucks to say that but in all reality it is the truth.

The Rivals guys made it sound like an OU/KU battle in their last post. And I think the crystal ball predictions reflect that on both 247 and Rivals. Those aren’t always the most accurate obviously, but that is the best we have to go off of. Although I know you’re pretty adamant that he isn’t going to OU…

No real concrete updates, honestly. Talked to his dad the other day and he’s electing to let Bryce do the decision-making and talking. Rod said everyone is still in it, but gun to my head, I’d say it’s down to four: OSU, KU, UNC and OU. I couldn’t even make a prediction right now. I think if Cade goes elsewhere, it’ll impact Bryce (especially because both are being recruited by OSU and UNC). But as far as if that helps or hurts OSU’s chances with Bryce, I don’t really know. Rod made it seem like OSU getting Cade was an important factor for Bryce, but I’ve heard that OSU missing on Cade would play positively for OSU’s chances, too. IMHO, I think OSU still has a real shot regardless of what happens with Cade because the familiarity, the bond he has with a lot of current players, the relationship with Boynton, and the fact that Stillwater is basically an hour from home.


Boone speaking the good word to the masses!

Bryce officially visited OU over the weekend. Here’s his post-visit tweet …

OU really coming across as desperate… And I think Bryce loves it.

Are we doing the bet Boone?

OSU, KU, UNC and school he’s not going to?

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He retweeted that so I assume he will post OU, OSU, UNC and KU. Yes?

OSU, ou, unc, and ku…I fixed your list for ya, bud

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Thank you!

Thompson set to commit on Nov 13th


I like the sound of that

This seems encouraging :cowboy_hat_face:


Brb making orange kool aid


Getting that last visit and chance to woo him is a FANTASTIC thing. We are certainly not out of it, I don’t think.

Need to make a big push to get the crowd there. Students and all.


Sadly, a Wednesday night against ORU isn’t going to help attendance even with Bryce visiting

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