Burden of 2020 Season Could be on Players, and That's Probably a Good Thing

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The player empowerment movement continues (inadvertently).

If there is no football season at all in 2020 do these kids lose their scholarships for this year? I’m assuming the money for their scholarships is generated by the money they make off of the football games. And football and basketball are the only 2 sports that generate money so they pay for everyone’s scholarship, we’ve already missed March madness if the football season is cancelled could it be possible that scholarships get pulled until football comes back?

I couldn’t find an article that explicitly talks about it, but I think I recall schools honored the schollys of the kids whose spring seasons were cancelled. In the end I believe each school decides to honor the scholarship or not. The real impact thought is the fact that several non-revenue sports will cease to be supported by athletic departments.

You mention players don’t get paid at all, but Oklahoma State football players do get a stipend right? I know it’s probably not much, but to me it’s something in addition to a free education, housing, meals, etc.