C.J. Moore's Transfer Highlights Importance of Recruiting a Lot of Stars

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Proof of star-chasing comes from an unlikely source.

This year Gundy gets a lot of credit for Wallace and Hubbard coming back. (Well deserved and fair) Last year we watched Justice Hill leave and several transfer out and we got to listen to Gundy talk about a lack of toughness. (Which I and a lot of the fans I talk to think was a dig right at Justice Hill)
Gundy truly has the best job in college football, all the credit in the world for bringing back the players he carries around on a pillow and excuses for the NFL talent he runs off. Then paid as a top 10 coach with the only exception to make a bowl.

I’m interested in how many former Cowboys transferred to Power 5 schools. I know Darrion left to play with his little brother at Nebraska. I know there must be others but just curious who that might be.

Just off the top of my head Kolar went to Iowa State to play with his brother and I think a OL went to Colorado.

You are light on the impact percentage. Obviously it is subjective, but not having Daniels or Larry Williams seems off. Also no mention of Brailford who was drafted last year.

The question to me is if oSu had to play CJ Moore does the guy have enough talent to play for championships in the Big 12? If you go back and read the fall camp reports I see a bunch of guys that were praised for their progress or ability, fewer of them that fans got to see play, and still fewer that fans saw that didn’t have the necessary talent. A good example would be OU and UT and running back the past couple of seasons. Those programs suffered several injuries but were able to draw on their depth to maintain production.

One of my biggest concerns in recent years and moving forward is how dramatically oSu can be impacted by injuries. oSu has had to “shut down” two NFL caliber RB in consecutive seasons as a result of overuse in the early portions of the season. IMO we saw the impact of Wallace’s injury in the win column this year and for several years an injury to QB1 could result in another 2014.