Cade Arrives: How an Unlikely No. 1 Recruit Starts a New Era for OSU Hoops

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How Oklahoma State landed its highest-rated prospect in program history.

Now let’s go get it

This might be the worst shooting team we’ve ever had. Cade seems to be the only one with any sort of chance at making a 3 pointer.

I not worried.

How many seasons have we seen pretty poor play in the beginning? Enough to know we can’t judge the team early on. There are 15 guys on the team and 8 of them are new and 5 are freshmen. It takes awhile. That’s why we start the season with an exhibition game, but not this season. My main concern was seeing one of the players limping.

Really like this kid. He has a great opportunity achieve his own goals whilst helping others achieve theirs. The latter may be something that he cherishes the rest of his life if he ends up making the program better.