Cade Cunningham Gifted OSU Fans With an All-Time Performance in Bedlam

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Boynton on Cade, “You need to appreciate what you’re watching. It’s special.”

Well we now know what a one horse town feels like. Ride him into the ground he will be gone next year

One of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

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I would like to see where we would be come tomorrow if we wouldn’t have lost those two games to TCU. Shoulda woulda coulda, but if that were the case we’d be 18-4, with a 7-4 record vs ranked teams, 0 losses to unranked teams, and tied for the most quad 1 wins of any team in the country. We’d probably be looking at a 2 seed right now if we didn’t lose those two.

That brings up the question, if you had to chose between losing some games to inferior teams but winning games against highly ranked teams, or losing all games vs highly ranked teams but winning every game vs inferior teams, which would you chose?

Can’t cry over spillet milk

Winning against highly ranked teams and loosing to inferior teams.

Agreed. I’d rather be in the position we are now with all of the ranked wins with the unfortunate losses to TCU, then to have beaten TCU both times but lost most of those games against ranked teams. Of course, the best outcome would be to win them all, lol