Cade Cunningham Named AP First Team All-American

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He is the only underclassman on the First Team.

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As he should be. Surprised there weren’t any honorable mentions.

Bob Kurland’s Wikipedia page lists him as a 3 time first team consensus All-American.

How is Bob Kurland not a first team all american!? We won back to back national titles?? what LOL
Surely Cade is the 2nd? Along with about 14 other All Americans that made 2nd and 3rd team at Oklahoma State.

It is sad that marshall did not mention Bob kurland.
But I understand it didn’t fit Scott’s agenda. Have cade as the first 1st team all american.
In truth 48 was the first year ap did all american list.
We all know if ap was around in kurlands years he would have been.
I mean he was all world