Cade is Coming: OSU Hoops Can Turn Quickly, but Will It?

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Cade Cunningham is coming, what does that mean?

So are we still on Thor or his he going overseas. I was wondering since we put scholarships out to the other two guys.

Let’s say Cade actually suits up next year. Who do we return that actually complements his game? Ice & Avery are PGs w no real shot outside of 10. Yor & Kalib are nice but their strength is not in a roll situation. Also he is a 1 & done so we sacrifice the next 3-4 yrs after Cade just for 1 season where cross our fingers we hope to make the Dance and maybe get to the 2nd weekend?

When I hear recruits talk about Boyntons pitch to them, they all say that he wants them to come play with Likekele and Cunningham. That’s all I need to know about how next season is going to turn out. You are bringing in the top point guard and you basically are already saying that you are going to stick a non shooting point guard next to him. He’s going to draw double teams and he’s going to have no one out there to dish the ball to. Likekele needs to come off the bench next year. And if Boynton can’t see that then he may be fired before the season is over with.

Forget it. IDGAF if Cunningham goes elsewhere. Boynton got to go. OSU sucks at basketball. Like wayyy sucks. Bottom of the league. Why wait another year?

this team does not improve game to game. It is so hard to watch. If we miss the tournament with cade boynton will be gone 100%. I’m tired of our seniors casting up dumb contested shots and nobody cutting to the rim or a spot up position on the perimeter when ice or avery drives, thats why they get blocked half the time. Literally nothing about our offense works. We flame gundy for lackluster recruiting but at least he can coach well enough to keep us respectable in the conference, boynton can recruit but he can’t coach.

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I hate to say it. Losing Underwood is starting to come home to roost. He’s turning Illinois around impressively, as in on top of the B10 already, while we slide further into the hole. I thought Boynton was going to prove to be the gem of that staff. Nope, it was Underwood.

Boynton will either be successful next year or he will be fired mid season and the team will be turned over to Sutton who May be able to salvage the season. In the end, by letting him return next season, you are allowing the next coach that comes in to be left with talent. Boynton wasn’t left with any talent. One of his biggest problems is that his recruiting has turned into the removal of several players from this team over 3 years. His biggest recruit in each of his 3 classes has transferred or been kicked off. And losing Curtis Jones was a bigger hit then people realize. Hopefully boynton continues to get commitments from guys like Thor, Moncrieffe, and Williams. Because if he doesn’t succeed with them maybe gottlieb will :wink:

If Sutton is able to salvage a season, maybe he should help with this one.

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