Cameron Murray Forgoes Remaining Eligibility, Enters Name in Draft

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Another Cowboy is setting his sights on the next level.

Another guy that I hope goes far. He could go live with Hubbard in Canada
I do understand after 5 yr u want to go but NFL not sure.

Can someone at PFB please check on the whereabouts of Jayden Jernigan??!

This guy was a solid contributor as a true freshman in '19. I think he opted out of '20 season. But it’s like he’s gone into the Witness Protection Program – no mention of him in months!

Like to know what up with ld too

Plug in Collin Clay and we’ll be just fine.

Wish cam all the best and tons of success.

We got killer guy coming in may not be ready but could

Another one that chooses not to be apart of the culture next year. Dropping out like flies.

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If he want out that’s called transfer. If he wants out of college it’s called try for nfl

He’s a 5th year senior… at some point, if you’re trying to make football your life, you have to leave college. If you aren’t getting drafted after 5 years, you’re probably not getting drafted after 6. At some point, unless he were getting an advanced degree, you’re like that townie that’s been out of high school for 3 years, still going to high school parties.


I’ve wondered the same. He’s still on the roster on When players leave/get the boot. They get removed pretty quickly. I think he will be around next season.

I was pretty excited by his play as a true frosh in '19. I guess he opted out of '20 due to COVID. But it’s easy to think about what a year off and in the weight room might do for Jernigan!

Do what you need to do Big Cam and thanks for being a Cowboy!

We hope you get an opportunity at the next level!

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